In Spanish, Dale! (Dahléh) is a way to express encouragement – much as in English we say, “Let’s do it.”

Dale! Network is transforming the way you can target and engage with audiences across multiple acquisition channels including: search, email, mobile, display, and social media.


Dale! is the one-stop web solution for all your US, US Hispanic and Latin American online marketing needs. Our performance affiliate network, media buying and creative services will provide you with all the solutions you need to reach this untapped market.

Whether you are looking to create brand awareness, introduce new products, conduct direct response online marketing campaigns, generate leads or increase sales, Dale! is the right partner for you.
Our CPL/CPA price model guarantees results with no risk to you. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to track and optimize online marketing campaigns for maximum ROI.

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For more than 10 years Dale! Network has been the Prime Network specializing in the US, U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets.

After working on both sides of the affiliate network equation, we offer broad expertise and a dedicated team to help you monetize your website or email list with the highest payout offers in these markets. Our state-of-the-art technology will provide you with all the tools to track, analyze, and optimize your online inventory.

We offer:
• Guaranteed on-time payments
• Top earning
• First class advertising content
• Simple and easy to use reports

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Our Dale! Survey division is a pioneer in online sampling for the US, US Hispanic and Latin American markets. We work with 1.5 million active members in 10 countries to cover multiple special segments including: B2B, travel, health and wellness, automotive and gamers. For more info on our Dale Surveys Division click here

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Panel Build

We’ve leveraged our work with the Dale! Affiliate Network to create partnerships that have helped our clients build 60+ customized marketing research panels and communities. Contact us to find out how we can make our expertise work with you.

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Media Buy Services

Dale! Network will help you expand your reach, optimize campaigns and track results. We will build a media plan based on your goals, demographic target and metrics. In addition to a proven legacy of media buying experience, we bring partnerships with the biggest and most influential portals to ensure you a higher ROI.

Media buying capabilities include:
• Text ads
• Banners ads
• Email Newsletters, Classified Ads and Sponsorships
• Contextual Ads
• Behaviorally-Targeted Ads
• Rich Media Advertising
• Regional (Geo-Targeted)

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